Bulgarian Society of Dementia and Patient organization “Living with dementia”

Bulgarian Society of Dementia and Patient organization “Living with dementia” organized and got involved in several dementia initiatives.

  1. Draft of National Dementia Strategy for People with Dementia and Their Families has been developed in 2019 according to the Global Dementia Action Plan and submitted to the Ministry of Health (1).
  2. Initiative “Lets Live Together” aimed to enhance Dementia awareness and friendliness started in 2018 (2):
  • “Let’s Live Together” campaign during Alzheimer Disease days in Cinema House, Sofia (12-20 September 2018 and 1st October 2019) included  screening of 4 feature and documentary movies for the  general public. Attitudes and needs of attendees were explored. The need for more information about prevention and screening for mild cognitive impairment was shared. We found high interest for volunteer's participation in different activities for people with dementia in nursing homes, and inclusion in support groups for people with dementia.
  • Pilot Dementia cafe was organized in the traditional Bulgarian local social places (“chitalishte”). This unique Bulgarian network of local libraries is a national specific appropriate place for meetings, different relaxing activities for young and elderly people. Practical issues concerning healthy ageing, dementia prevention and dementia friendly community were introduced and discussed. Representatives from municipality authorities were involved.
  1. Educational trainings aimed at timely dementia diagnoses including anti-stigma programs with GP-s and nurses were provided. Case-study discussions were found to be very useful, attractive and well-accepted because of the improved GP competence and self-confidence. GP face-to-face and online pilot trainings are recognized as a good practice which is going on at the national and local levels. 
  2. A Bulgarian expert team is involved in research studies on young onset dementia (genetic factors, biomarkers, neuroimaging) (National Research Fund) and in an European epidemiological study on Fronto-temporal Dementia (3):



1. Neurology and Neuropsychology, v.3, 1-2, 2019. ISSN 2534-9783 (in Bulgarian)