Klaipėda Region Alzheimer's disease club ATMENA (Lithuania)

ATMENA aims to support people living with dementia, their carers in their daily lives, to help them to live healthier and full of potential lives as long as possible through the following activities:

  • Training: about dementia and Alzheimer disease, care, support, diagnosis, public services, practical care skills development, etc.
  • Support group meetings with guest speakers – health care and social care professionals, who lead training on diverse themes.
  • A range of leisure and training activities with a particular focus to support carer well-being and help to develop self-care, stress management skills.
  • Awareness about Alzheimer disease and other forms of dementia raising activities.

ATMENA has partnership with a number of local organisations, such as Klaipėda City piblic health bureau, Klaipėda Mental Health Centre), which support their activities. In ATMENA carers are members of a supportive community – celebrating together events and helping each other in grief.  Hereby we share a couple of reflections of people who are members of this organisation:

"I am part in ATMENA 5 years already and I case say that here I get those rare moments of rest and relaxation. We spend time together visiting public places and cultural events – museums, theatre performances, educational activities. Unfortunately due to my carer obligations, I cannot come as frequent as I would like to".

"When I learned about the condition of my father, I didn’t know how to act, where to for help. In ATMENA I understood that I am not alone. Getting to know other carers and getting information from health care professionals helps to build up strength, maintain hope and believe that all the challenges can be overcome. We make trips together – it helps to relax, forget the challenges and get away from my daily life for a moment. Meeting other carers is indeed the most valuable part of being part of ATMENA. Here we can share our knowledge and experience of handling difficult situations. It is wonderful to be able to help and support another person."